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Winter Archery Challenge(Windmasters' Hill)

Poster: Nancy Davis Greetings to Central NC Archers,

Thanks to Lord Robert Runewald, I will have the required target faces to run the Winter Archery Challenge on Sat. April 3 in my backyard from 11-5. My apologies for not announcing this sooner, but getting the target faces was holding up the planning. All the local suppliers were out.

I am in Durham, NC, 118 Monticello Ave. 919-489-6662. Directions and details of the shoot follow.
Please spread the word to folks not on these lists. If you need directions from another starting point, please let me know.

In service,
Lady Ysolt la Bretonne

FROM I-40: exit north onto highway 751. This is Hope Valley Rd. Travel 3.9 miles and turn right onto Bexley, there is a red brick decorative wall on the SE corner (if you come to the light at University Dr., go back three short blocks and turn left). ***Third street to the right is Monticello (if you come to the dead end, turn around and take first left on Monticello). House is on the right several houses down.

FROM CHAPEL HILL BLVD (15-501 Business): turn south onto Hope Valley Rd. (From South Square Mall, turn right at street after Wachovia Bank. From downtown, turn left just past Fosterís Market.) Cross Cornwallis (stop sign) and University Dr. (light). Turn left on Bexley, the third street after the light. Follow from *** above.

The Winter Archery Challenge http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/wint.html
For Archers of the Knowne Worlde,
a challenge to keep your eye keen and your arm strong until spring.

All archers of the Known World are invited to participate in a winter
archery competition from November 1, 1998 through April 30, 1999. The
shoot is the same as previous years using the basic commercial target of
any 5 ring 40 cm (16 inches) face. All rounds are shot at 20 yards. Each
round will consist of two(2) ends. Equipment standards are as per SCA
legal for your kingdom. There is no traditional equipment bonus or
requirement. Participating archers should include with the scores sent,
this info: SCA name, MKA, their SCA group, (and Kingdom, if outside the
Midrealm), the type of bow (crossbow, longbow, recurve or other), the
bow's draw weight, and whether or not any sight marks on limbs or
crossbow rear sights were used.

The marshal in charge is Bruce R. Gordon (Forester Nigel FitzMaurice),
866 Beardsley, Apt. 1, Akron, Ohio 44311 and if you like...a copy to
obsidian@raex.com for quick posting on the results page.

The Shoot:
The shoot is eight ends at 20 yards, and may take place at any official
SCA event or practice where a warranted archery marshal is present to
score it.
Target Round - intended to help maintain accuracy over the winter
months. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed at a 40 cm (16
inch) 5 ring target with standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring.
Speed Round - intended to help archers practice speed shooting with
accuracy. It consists of 2 ends of unlimited arrows shot in a 30 second
time limit for each end. Each archer must shoot at least one arrow each
end but may shoot as many as possible in 30 seconds. Scoring of the 40
cm 5 ring target is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Archers who do not manage to shoot
off 6 arrows in 30 seconds will gain bonus points for arrows unshot. To
determine the number of bonus points, subtract the number of arrows shot
from 6 for each end and add that number to the actual score of the
arrows that hit the target. IE: you shoot 4 arrows, you get 2 bonus
points. If the archer has not managed to hit the target at least once in
the entire round of two ends, then no bonus points are added. When
scoring, please show real score + bonus points, IE:12+2
Wand Round - intended to help the archer concentrate on minimizing
left/right movement. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows untimed. Each end
is shot at a target wand 3 feet long by 4 inches wide (hint: double duct
tape width). Each arrow within or touching the wand scores five points.
(You may notice the similarity to one of the War Point shoots)
Bull's Eye Round - intended to help the archer focus on the center of a
target. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed. Each end is shot
at a target consisting of a 4 inch circular bull's eye centered within a
8 1/2 inch outer circle,(standard piece of paper). All arrows within or
touching the inner circle score five points each. All arrows outside the
center bull's eye but within or touching the outer circle score three
points each.
It is strongly suggested that a target that will prevent pass-throughs
and bounce-offs should be used. However, should these occur, witnessed
pass-throughs and bounce-offs that cannot be determined as to score are
traditionally scored as 3 points, in the target and speed rounds. The
other two rounds...Hmmm.

The latter two rounds are period in type of shoot although not in materials.
All scores due by May 15, 1999.

Nancy A. Davis

Lady Ysolt la Bretonne, CoP
MoAS, Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
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