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Re: Mongol cuisine (was re mud bugs)

Poster: TemurKhan@aol.com

In a message dated 3/24/99 2:08:30 PM Eastern Standard Time,
WGarrett@sierrahealth.com writes:

<< 	[Garrett, William]  I hate to barge in here, being an Englishman
 commenting on Mongol cuisine........I believe that one of the Mongols great
 delicacies to this day is Marmot......essentially a big rat.  If I remember
 right it is either boiled without seasoning or cooked by loading a bunch of
 hot stones into its body cavity.
 	Now I am not a big fan of the French, but I do have to say that a
 lot of there food sounds far more palatable than marmot......although I
 gag/smirk at cross over cuisine....French- Mongol, boiled marmot served in a
 rich Bernaise.......:o)

William - William - William.  You are right, you should not complain about
food you have never tasted.  I had the honor way back in 1960 of feasting on
snake, bugs, roots and tubers.  We will not mention the politically incorrect
gator or the Gila Monster, (tasted as bad as it looked).

The big problem with marmot is not the taste, (I am assured they taste fine),
 but the fact that the marmot population of Mongolia has the highest level of
Bubonic Plague carriers in the world.

Black Death is still alive and well in the hinterlands on Mongolia.  I still
want to go there and if offered I will try marmot.

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