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Re: Ladies Day Tourney

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Scriptsit Brychan ap Dafydd:

>     I would just like to extend my thanks to the Barony of Dun Carraig 
>     for a wonderful day and excellent feast at the  Ladies Day Tourney.


We were happy that you and so many could attend our humble event, and thank
you for your kind words regarding feast.  (If you only knew what went wrong in
Vard's kitchen on Saturday, it'd make what went right seem all the more
profound! <g>)

I want to publically commend our Autocrat, Arianwen ferch Angharad.  She
overcame some SIGNIFICANT site-related difficulties -- including terribly
obstinate site staff, last-minute denial of use of the walk-in freezer
(yikes!) and a Flea Market that the Community Center had double-booked into
our main hall -- to name but a few.  This was her FIRST EVER event, but her
calm head and gentle demeanor prevented these (and many other) problems from
ruining the day for our visitors.  The event came off smoothly ONLY because of
her guidance and leadership, and she has earned my gratitude and respect.
Kudos, m'lady.

To all who traveled to our fair lands (well, not yet *our* lands, tee hee),
thank you for helping make Ladies' Day such a wonderful pageant.  From the
poetry reading, to the splendid hall decorations, tourneys, A&S competitions
and dancing, it was a gentle day filled with celebrations of courtesy,
chivalry, and courtly love.  Without you, our guests, the day would not have
been complete.  Thank you.


Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia
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