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Re: Fw: VIRUS WARNING - This One's For REAL, Folks

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angela@ascc.lucent.com>

Rosine IS correct, this is an extremely malicious virus, and at least
has my company in a tizzy over it, so much so that they did a company
wide broadcast calling to everyone... twice, as well as sending email.
Here's what they said:


        A malicious computer virus (W97M/Melissa) has entered the Lucent
network as an email attachment. The email message has a subject line
reads "Important Message From (the name of the sender)".  It also
contains a
Microsoft Word file attachment called 'list.doc'.  However, the file
attachment could be named differently.

        If you open this file attachment, the virus will infect other
on your computer and will mail a copy of the infected file to all the
addresses in your Personal Address Book (PAB), and possibly the Global
Address List.

        This file attachment must not be opened or forwarded to anyone
It must be deleted immediately! 

- Drea -
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