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Fw: VIRUS WARNING - This One's For REAL, Folks

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

   I forward to you the message that was sent to me and checked out on the
hoax webpage, given the timeframe sited, I thought it should be passed
on.... Rosine

>  This is from a New York Times article by Matt Richtell that I saw in the
> Francisco Examiner this morning.  This one's for real,  folks.
>  The virus is named Melissa.  It arrive in the form of an email with the
> subject line: "Important Message From"... next will be the name of
someone you
> KNOW.  The message in the body of the letter reads: "Here is the document
> asked for ... don't show it to anyone else." Attached to it is a 40K MS
> document named "list.doc".  If you open this document, it searches your
> address book, then replicates itself and sends itself to the first 50
> on your list.
>  This virus first popped up last Friday, March 25th, and caused several
> to shut down their email servers.  Experts fear that it will rampage
> morning when workers return to work and find this message in their
>  It is known to spread rapidly with MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
> programs.  They have seen no evidence that it is able to open and use the
> address books in other email programs, "but they did not rule out the
> possiblity that it could and would do so." 
>  If you use MS Word, and use "macros" in MS Word, one fix is to disable
> macros in MS Word.  Several anti-virus companies have software posted on
> websites for download that will detect and refuse the message containing
> virus.  There is also a fix available at Sendmail's website at:
> www.sendmail.com.
>  You cannot get the virus UNLESS you open the attached .doc file. 
Opening the
> email messge alone will NOT give you the virus.
>  Experts estimate that tens of thousands of computers were infested with
> virus on Friday, and that it is sitting there waiting for Monday morning
> explode and spread across the net like wildfire.
>  Be wary, folks... this one is overwheming email servers and crashing
> systems.... and it IS for real.

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