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Isenfir dance -- the official flyer

Poster: Debbie Halstead <jebbydo@yahoo.com>

Feel free to email me for directions --
Deborah the Cynical/Seneschale of Isenfir

--- Lord Bryan Morgunn  wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Yes, you guessed it...  It's a DANCE week!  Isenfir's
> bi-weekly meeting of 
> fun-loving populace and talented musicians is once
> again upon us.  We should 
> have several new people out this time, so come out
> and show 'em a good time!
> The details: Dance Practice, Wednesday (3/31),
> 7:30pm, New Cabell Hall Room 
> 337.
> As always, we'll do some old dances (okay, they're
> ALL "old" dances...), learn 
> some new (or "haven't done in a VERY long time")
> dances, eat, drink, and take 
> turns being Mary (if there are more men than women
> :).  We'll also go out to 
> dinner afterward at College Inn.
> I once again wish to thank the especially wonderful
> people who have been so 
> regularly bring food and drink.  It is greatly
> appreciated by all, especially 
> me.  I'd also like to ask that, if you get the
> chance, could you let me know if 
> you're bringing something.  If enough other people
> are bringing stuff, I may 
> leave mine at home, since I've got a ton of other
> stuff to carry, too.
> I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that
> there are only TWO more 
> dance practices before the 4D Revel on April 18th!! 
> That's hardly any time!  
> Come practice!  Now!  Before it's too late!  It's
> easy.  It's fun.  There's 
> edible goodies.  We'll make you look like a pro in no
> time!
> It's my personal crusade to insure that all true
> Isenfiri know the basics:  how 
> to dance, how to gamble (and win), how to steal...I
> mean tend... horses, and 
> how to be creatively xenophobic (that's only required
> if you have an English 
> persona).  So come be part of my grand plan to
> enlighten and empower.
> Remember: Dance as social expression.  Dance as
> romantic prelude.  Dance as 
> unarmed combat.  Dance just because it's FUN!  I hope
> to see everyone there on 
> Wednesday!
> David
> Order of Dance for 3/31/1999 (I'm feeling very
> English this time):
> Fine Companion    - English Country Dance (ECD) - 4
> couple sets
> Shaking of the Sheets    - ECD - 3 couple sets
> Putney Ferry    - ECD - 3 couple sets
> Break (with the WONDERFUL assortment of refreshments
> that have been coming out)
> Boatman    - ECD - 3 couple sets
> Petit Riense - Italian - 3 person sets
> Anello    - Italian - 3 couple sets
> Requests - SCA Road to the Isles.  Others?

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