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Re: List Admin Stuff

Poster: "Bruce C. Miller" <bmiller@mnsinc.com>

Tanner Lovelace wrote:

> Poster: "Tanner Lovelace" <lovelace@cs.unc.edu>
> Hello everyone,
> This is just a reminder that the Merry Rose is a mailing list
> about the Kingdom of Atlantia, and that only things pertaining
> to the Kingdom of Atlantia and the people within it (and interactions
> between the KofA and other Kingdoms) are appropriate material
> for posting to the list.  Warnings about viruses, no matter how
> badly you think people need the information, are in no way
> appropriate material for this list.  Please keep that in mind
> before you post next time.
> In service,
> Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
> Listkeeper, Merry Rose

I beg to differ in the strongest possible terms.  This might be the only
place some people would actually get the warning, as being on-line on
the Merry Rose does not mean that they are active elsewhere.  Thus, if
someone did not get a virus warning here, but did get a virus via e-mail
(such as the "Melissa" viruse we are currently being warned about), they
could open it, take the virus, and possibly find their computer trashed
for a while and perhaps unable to access the Merry Rose.

Discussions of Tolkien movies and the like probably don't belong here,
but warnings about viruses for those who come here are, in my humble
opinion, quite germane.

Yours in Service,

Arbogast of Diedenhofen

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