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Re: Free Trumpet Press West

Poster: Jim Trigg <jtrigg@hoflink.com>

SCAVard@aol.com said at 29/Mar/1999Mon 17:24:

> Hey gang, does anyone know for CERTAIN whether Free Trumpet Press West has
> copies of the Pictorial Dictionary for sale?  At yesterday's meeting of 
> the proto-incipient Canton of Sudentur (assuming the name passes), I was 
> assured that FTPW was indeed were selling copies, yet at the FTPW page off
> sca.org it appears not.

Well, according to the expired price list on the FTPW site (expired March 1)
, they do.  And every time the subject comes up on the SCAHRLDS list, Rory (
the curator of FTPW) says that he has them available.  But I haven't 
personally ordered one, so I don't know for absolute certain.

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