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Re: List Admin Stuff

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Oh, don't warn people about a virus that travels through email !!??
> And by chance what medium does the Merry Rose travel ??  Oh, email...

Yah, well, the folks on the Merry Rose also use computers, and
monitors, and keyboards, and drive cars, and pay bills, and chew bubble
gum and have pets, etc., but I don't see those topics as being any more
relevant than virus warnings.  Just because we all have something in
common doesn't mean it's an appropriate topic for the Merry Rose... ;-)

> How about the solution that I've implemented on the Sacred Stone
> list... if you have a warning, email the list administrator with it
>and let
> him take it from there.  That way, you've done your civic duty, and
> going to holler at you for being a concerned citizen, and the admin
> happy.

That's the best idea I've seen here yet. :-)


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