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HERALDRY: Internal Results for March

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald.
The March Letter of Intent meeting was held on Sunday, 7 March.
Expected LoI meetings for the future include Sunday, 2 May and
Saturday, 12 June, both at places TBA.
{A'}ed{a'}n U{i'} N{e'}ill. New name.
Aelfeva Blackfox. Resubmitted name (ret'd by Atlantia Jun 98).
Alicia of Greyhill. New name.
Arawina of Ravenhall. New badge. Or, a fleur-de-lis, a bordure nebuly
Arawina of Ravenhall. New badge. Purpure, a fess flory-counterflory
Atlantia, Kingdom of. New badge (for the Page School). [fieldless] On
a rose gules barbed vert a chalice argent.
Atlantia, Kingdom of. Resubmitted heraldic title: Northern March
Pursuivant (ret'd by Laurel Apr 98).
Caterina Lucrezia da Bergamo. New name.
Colin Macpherson. New name and device. Azure, a winged sea-horse erect
argent, on a chief embattled Or a trident fesswise reversed sable.
Collette de Calais. New name.
Conall Ruadh Mag Fhionnain. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel May
98). Argent, a serpent ondoyant erect, a chief gules.
Cwenhild of Cydllan Downs. New name and device. Gyronny raguly of four
issuant from dexter chief ermine and vert.
Cynwrig ap Rhys. New name.
Edvard Gayer. Change of name from Edward Gayer and blazon correction
for device. Argent, two vultures combattant, wings elevated and
inverted, a chief engrailed sable.
Efenwealt Wystle. New badge. [fieldless] A foi proper, vested vert.
E{o'}gan Mac Ailpein. New badge. [fieldless] A hare's face argent.
{E'}ta{i'}n ingen Thadg{a'}in. New name and device. Per pale argent and
purpure, a tree eradicated, a bordure counterchanged.
Feyerwary Ersebet. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Nov 98). Per
chevron inverted embattled argent and gules, in chief a bat displayed
Gunther von Lindenwald. New name and device. Barry bendy argent and
azure, a trident bendwise sinister gules, overall a natural dolphin
hauriant sable.
Jehan Franc de Blauvac. New name.
Magdalena Laurens. New name and device. Argent, a corbie volant, wings
elevated and addorsed, sustaining a cauldron sable.
Magn{u'}s balliknarr Thorvaldsson. New name.
Margalite de Clary. New name.
Margery Marche. New device. Argent, in bend a torteau and a pomme,
each charged with a trident head inverted argent.
Maria von dem M{a"}useturm. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Jan 99).
Vert semy of mice couchant to sinister argent, a tower Or.
Maridonna Benvenuti. Alternate persona name: Aurelia Secunda.
Milko Sanguineti. New name.
Morgaine MacDaniel de la Rose. New badge. Purpure, a triquetra
inverted argent.
Morgaine MacDaniel de la Rose. New device. Purpure, three triquetras
inverted, a chief embattled argent.
Morgan Raines. New name.
Thorbrandr Olafsson. Household name and badge for House Olafsson.
[fieldless] A Latin cross of bones argent enfiled with a coronet
Thorbrandr Olafsson. Household name for House Stilhavn.
Victor the Wanderer. New name.
William the True. New name and device. Gules, a winged panther passant
to sinister incensed, a chief urdy Or.
Wolfram von Aalst. New name and device. Azure, on a bend between a
quill pen bendwise sinister and an open book Or, a monkey dormant
palewise gules, a bordure Or.
Arawina of Ravenhall. Resubmitted change of device (ret'd by Atlantia
Dec 96). Per saltire Or and purpure, a lion's face Or jessant-de-lys
purpure. (contrast/identifiability)
Brighd{i'}n n{i'} R{i'}oghbhard{a'}in. New device. Purpure, a harp and
issuant from base a demi-sun Or. (conflict)
Jehan Franc de Blauvac. New device. Argent, a bend sinister gules
between two bears rampant addorsed and a rose bendwise sinister
slipped and leaved sable. (redraw/identifiability; incorrect paperwork)
Magn{u'}s balliknarr Thorvaldsson. New device. Per pale vert and sable,
on a plate a drakkar sable. (conflict)
Margalite de Clary. New badge. Azure, a "cat dormant arrondi" argent,
in chief the words TOUCH NOT THE CAT sable. (identifiability;
tincture; incorrect paperwork)
Margalite de Clary. New device. (unblazonability; multiple style
problems; incorrect paperwork)
Caterina Lucrezia da Bergamo. New device. (Missing information)
Collette de Calais. New device. (Missing information)
Our next kingdom consult table will be at Crown Tourney in May. If you
have any interest in helping or in learning how consult tables go, please
let me know and I'll be glad to make space for you. Looking further ahead
into the year, I am thinking about the possibility of Golden Dolphin Road
Shows in eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia. If your group is
in that area and would like to host us, please let me know! Until next
month I remain yours in service,
Evan, Golden Dolphin.

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