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March Heraldry Returns from Laurel

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

This is the information as I have received it from Laurel.  Please
understand that I have no further information at this time than what I am
forwarding here.



These items were returned by Laurel at her March meeting:


Máille ingen Bhrain Cadal. Name and device. Per saltire azure and argent,
in fess a demi-lion couchant to sinister guardant Or between two Celtic
crosses sable.
The name is being returned for lack of a period given name. While it is
true that it appears in Woulfe's Irish Names and Surnames, that is no
guarantee that it is a period. Ó Corrain and Maguire (Gaelic Personal
Names, p. 133) under Máire lists Maille (with no marking) among pet-forms
of Máire with no date. However, given their previous note that the name
Máire itself was extremely rare before the seventeenth century, it is quite
unlikely that Máire formed a pet-form during our period. Barring
documentation that it was used in period, it is not acceptable for use in
the SCA.
The armory is being returned for a redraw. The Celtic crosses do not appear
to be of the standard or usual depiction; the upper three arms appear to be
potent (the default for an equal-armed Celtic cross), but the lower arm is
both longer than the others (so this isn't an equal-armed cross) and have
an odd “block” of some sort drawn in trian aspect. The blazon will not
adequately and consistently reproduce the emblazon (as required by RfS
VII.7.b.), and there is no blazon that would.

Kinoshita Yasuke. Device. Sable, four tops in cross tips to center within
and handles conjoined to a bordure argent.
This is being returned for lack of documentation on the tops. Without
documentation that this depiction is of a period artifact or a charge used
in period European armory, this must be returned.

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