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Pennsic Info Bulletin for April 5, 1999

Poster: PW 28 Media Relations <pw28media@minstrel.com>

Two Announcements today:

Greeting to the Known World from Sir Pieter,
Field Marshal for Pennsic War XXVIII

Some of you are no doubt planning to hold peaceful as well as martial
activities on the battlefield at this summer's Pennsic War.  Please let us
know in advance what space you'll need and how long you'll need it so we can
schedule everyone's ceremonies, classes, and practices around the main
battles.  Please do not plan on arranging any impromptu battlefield
activities after your arrival on site.  It's a big field, but lots of people
want to use it.
The final schedule will be determined once the battle scenarios have been
decided.  Massed battles and private tournaments (both heavy and light
weapons) will be held on separate sections of the battlefield, but all must
be arranged in advance with the Battlefield Coordinator; i.e.,

Sergeant Arslan Sanjarzade
m.k.a. John Everett
3546 Sargent St.
Madison, WI  53714

To schedule your event, visit the above web site, or send your request by
mail to Serjant Arslan, including as much detail as possible about the
activity you wish to schedule.  The more detail you provide, the better we
will be able to serve you.

Please be sure to include name (SCA and your request was received, please
also send a SASE (mailed requests only).  Additionally, some flexibility in
when your activity takes place will help everyone; if none of the times you
request are available, and I do not have an e-mail address, I will call
collect to discuss what options are still available.

See the pre-Pennsic booklet or
"www.pennsicwar.org/penn28/marshal/batfield.html" for additional details.
Reservation requests may be submitted until July 1st, but activities
reserved after May 1 may not appear on the printed schedule.  All time slots
will be allotted on a first come, first served basis.  I thank you in
advance for your cooperation.
Your servant,

Pieter van Doorn

A reminder from the Pennsic 28 Office of On-Site Information concerning:

Personal Messages

The ability to take personal messages for individuals at Pennsic is severely
limited.  Please remind your family, friends, or employer that there is only
one incoming line for messages in the campground.  In order to get a message
through to you, we will need the real, modern name of the person the message
is for, their SCA name, the Land registration-official name of the group you
are camping with, and the block they are camped in.  BRIEF, EMERGENCY
MESSAGES ONLY will be relayed as quickly as possible to encampments.  If you
are expecting a call for any other reason, please check Information point on
a daily basis to see if there is a message for you or anyone in your camp.

Pennsic War 28 Media Relations Office 	pw28media@minstrel.com

For the most up-to-date information on Pennsic War 28 
visit the web site at http://www.pennsicwar.org/

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