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On Open Competitions

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

To the fine customers at this tavern, greetings from Daniel of Rutland, and 
the following tuppence worth:

I think that competitions of the type we see in the SCA, whether open or 
focused, are totally irrelevant to the artistic process and probably 
detrimental to it.  Competitions for a commission to do a work have grounds 
in period, I believe, but that is not what we have going on.  Exhibits with 
comment forms and even a period set aside for people who want to fill them 
out make some sense if people want commentary on their work, but that's it.  
Good, serious work of the type that gives the SCA validity for me beyond a 
party takes a very long time and a lot of reseach to perform, and that is 
largely short-circuited by the SCA competition process.  Art is not a sport, 
although sports can be artistic.  We should not be applying sporting event 
format, which fighting is, to artistic display and criticism.  The skills and 
emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects are very different (not 
necessarily better, but different), and trivialized by SCA competitions.  I 
would like to see both far more open displays, in good settings with good 
lighting and sufficient room for people to move around the stuff, and much 
less emphasis on competitions.

Climbing off the soap box, with respect to you all,

Daniel of Rutland
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