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Windmaster's area banner class

Poster: Arawynn of Ravenhall <arawynn@ipass.net>

Please pardon this interruption, my good cousins!

I wish to announce a gathering tomorrow-(sorry abot the late notice) for
the Windmasters' Hill folks and others convenient to the area. Our usual
forum is currently defunct.

Monday, April 26 at 7pm, will be a workshop/class to help folks design
heraldic banners, at the home of Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall, Cary, NC.
Call (919)319-1910 for directions.

Bring your heraldry, and we will discuss shapes and styles of different
types of banners and war standards, and will work on designing one for
you! This class is in response to the last event I went to, wherein the
hall was to be decorated in poeples personal heraldry banners. There
were 3 in the hall. This was an event of 300 people. This is sad! Lets
spiff up our camp sites and feast halls and day shades with our badges
and devices! 

If you are interested in this, but not able to attend, I will be
repeating this class, but with notes and an emphasis on war banners and
standards, at the War College here in Windmasters' Hill in June. All are
welcome to attend!

Also, for locals, I am hosting an evening class/open library / garb
discussion-help  night on the last Monday of every month- same time and
place. for questions, comments, theme requests, please email me at 


I am not on this list, so please correspond personally.

And thus I leave you to your ale!

Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall, also known as Lady Aenor D' Anjou 
(Sort of pronounced like EN-nor (like pen), or  like CAN-nor.)

Companion of the Pearl, Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister, 
Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia.
Seamstress, proprietor of 'Angevin Treasures'
(formally known as 'Between the Worlds',)
and a lady of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine's court
arawynn@ipass.net   (Mka Kirsten Wienand Vaughan)
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