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Re: War Practice

Poster: "Greg Prevost" <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

Well, it will be in the May Acorn, but just as a reminder for everyone
again.  Here is the flyer again.  Hope to see you there.

    We will be having a War practice on SUNDAY, May 9th in Charlotte, NC.

    We are having a contest to name the Southern Host, a short, recognizable
cry for troops to rally around.  If you have any suggestions email me and
the person with the winning name will receive a very nice prize.

    We are also trying to collect a database of everyone in the Southern
Army.  So if you want to be part of the Southern Army, whether it be a
fighter or archer, or help in a non-combative form such as making favors,
waterbearing, supporting your troops, etc, then please email me at
gregp@ix.netcom.com and let me know.  Any info on war practices and anything
bearing upon the Southern Host will be emailed out to all on the list.

Thanks, and I hope to see a lot of you on Sunday, May 9th.

In Service to Atlantia and Her Queen


Southern War Practice

Sunday May 9th, 1999

Come join the Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone as they host the
Southern War Practice of the Great Kingdom of Atlantia! Yes the event is on
SUNDAY May 9th; this is not a typo.

The premise is simple, fight till you drop, eat lunch, train and fight till
you drop again. This is a good chance to work on your war strategies, group
tactics, have some fun and build up your endurance. There will be rapier for
those so inclined, and combat archery is a must. I ask everyone (especially
the archers) to try to make it, even if they are not planning on going to
Pennsic, to help train those who are going.

There will be authorizations running all day so if you need any done this is
the place to do it. The practice will start at 11:00am and will run till
everyone leaves. So come as early as you can and play till your hearts

There are numerous hotels nearby and there will be limited crash space
available. There is no pre-registration but a phone call or email to me for
a head count would be nice. Please contact Duke Logan if you are in need of
any assistance with hotels in the area (his contact info is the same as the

Site Rules: Rules? We donít need no stinkin rules! Other than common sense
as this is a public park.

Autocrat: Courtney Hester (Duchess Arielle the Golden) (704) 399-1200 e-mail

Site: Tuckaseegee Recreation Center 4820 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte, NC

Feast: uhÖ........ well there are a bunch of restaurants nearby. We were
thinking of going to one after the practice but will wait until then to

Directions: Take your best route into Charlotte on I-85. Take exit 33 on
I-85 (Billy Graham / Mulberry Church Road). Southbound turn right,
Northbound turn left. Follow until the road comes to a T intersection
(approx. 200 yards) at Tuckaseegee Road and turn right. Go .9 of a mile (you
will pass the front entrance of the Rec. center) and turn left onto Brown
Ave (Bethel Baptist Church will be on your right). Take the first left onto
Thriftwood Road and follow it to the right (it is actually the parking lot)
all the way to the end. We will meet there.

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>Poster: Janine H Sutter <jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us>
>Greetings!  Can someone send me the post about the War Practice on may 9 in
>Charlotte?  I deleted the message before hitting the print button.  Thank
>in advance.  Kari Kyst
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