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MR: subject lines on email

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

I'll second this emotion.  Also, if people send private mail to people, 
please don't just reply and cop the subject line from the destination's 
earlier message.  For those of us who only open the occasional Merry Rose 
mail for lack of time to plough through it all, that would mean not losing 
lots of personal mail that remains unopened.  Fer example, a message to me 
about paint should not have a subject line "fighter practice rescheduled".  

Thanks much,

Daniel of Rutland

<<Would it be possible to set the list so that all messages posted to the 
have some sort of tag in the subject line to show that the message originated 
from the Merry Rose?  In the case of this message, 

I'd see something like ====> MR:  Request for the Merry Rose List
instead of just =========>  Request for the Merry Rose List>>
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