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Re: School bus

Poster: Logan and/or Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Janine H Sutter wrote:

> Poster: Janine H Sutter <jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us>
> Greetings!   Someone in Laurinburg, NC  has an old school bus for sale for
> $2000 (price neg).  I have left a message for him to call me to get the
> details.  If you might be interested in this please e-mail me and I will get
> you the details when I get them.  (ex--Does it run?).  This might make a
> wonderful household vehicle.  In Service, Kari Kyst

Yes it probably would!  However, it would pale in comparison to the bus that has
been converted into an RV that I am currently selling for $2500.00.  It does run
and has served me well for nearly three years now.  Unfortunately my needs have
now caused me to purchase an 18' + truck to haul my stuff.  If anyone is
interested in this bus, please contact me.


Duke Logan


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