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Re: Request for Merry Rose List

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

TheUrsula@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: TheUrsula@aol.com
> Would it be possible to set the list so that all messages posted to the list
> have some sort of tag in the subject line to show that the message originated
> from the Merry Rose?  In the case of this message,
> I'd see something like ====> MR:  Request for the Merry Rose List
> instead of just =========>  Request for the Merry Rose List
> Why?  Because folk who get a lot of spam would find the tag helpful in
> filtering it out of their inboxes.
> Just a thought...
> Ursula

This can actually be done the way it is now.  I do it with Netscape
Comunicator; anything that has "atlantia" in the To: or Cc: address (and
has not been caught by the more specific address filters - if you happen
to be a kingdom officer/notable) gets put into the Merry Rose folder.

The filter hasn't failed yet.  If you're using Communicator, let me know
and I'll explain.
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