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Kingdom Archery Championship at Emerald Joust

Poster: Stoneking.Eric@oscsystems.com

Archers of Atlantia, set your sights on Emerald Joust!

I, Henri LaGrave, by grace of their majesties the Kingdom
Archery Champion, will hold a tourney to choose my successor
at Emerald Joust, following the Emerald Prize archery
tourney.  Prepare for a fun-filled, challenging afternoon of
shooting.  First, all comers will test their skills against
period bulls-eyes.  Parabolic scoring will be used, so make
every arrow count!  Then, plant your feet and let your head
spin in the World's Shortest Roving Range.  Remember: Don't
Panic!  Those who score well will advance to the Elimination
Round.  Many will enter, but few will survive!  Those few
will finally face the infamous Water Shoot Finale.  The
winner will be the next Kingdom Archery Champion of

To summarize:

What:  Kingdom Archery Championship Tourney
Where: Archery field, Emerald Joust (Lightfoot, VA)
When:  Saturday, May 29, 1:30 pm
Who:   You!  And everyone you can spread the word to.
How:   With style.
Why:   To find the next Kingdom Archery Champion.  To
measure the field with  clothyard shafts.  To perform feats
of skill that have never been seen before, and will never be
seen again.  To hear the rhapsody of strings, the whispering
whirr of feathered flight, and the percussive thunk! of
potentiality becoming actuality. Because it's fun!

In Service,
-Henri LaGrave
Kingdom Archery Champion

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