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Emerald Joust

Poster: barclayp@LEE.ARMY.MIL

Greetings all from Master Terafan, autocrat for Emerald Joust.  Here is a
copy of the flier info.   Would all seneschals please make sure their
populace knows.

The Barony of Caer Mear presents

Emerald Joust
28 - 30 May 1999

	The Barony of Caer Mear is hosting the Emerald Joust Tournament
28-30 Mar 1999, at Camp Chickahominy, Lightfoot, Virginia in the lands of
the gracious Barony of Tir-Y-Don.  Everyone is invited to participate and
spend a grand and glorious weekend in the pursuit of heavy fighting, rapier,
archery, and the Arts & Sciences.  

Fighting:  Activities will include the traditional Emerald Tournament for
both heavy and rapier
Archery:  We will be hosting an IKAC shoot, and specialty shoots including a
night "flaming arrow" shoot against invading rafts on the lake
Arts and Sciences:  A period games/toys for children competition.
Additionally, we will be having a display of an impression of "your first
Emerald" in a period style.  Contact Magdalena d'Hazebrouck (804) 323-6379,
magdalena-de-hazebrouck@home.com for more information.  

Sunday will host a collegium for fighters, both heavy and rapier, and will
be a day of field activities including cambok, bocce, graces, croquet, other
games, as well as archery.

The site:  The site will open on Friday, 28 May 99, at 6 PM, and close on
Sunday, 30 May 99,at 5 PM.   Tent camping is the ideal, although numerous
hotels and other accommodations are readily available within minutes of the
site.  Authorizations will be at 9 AM with tournaments starting at 10 AM.
Pets are not allowed.

Feast:  Lord Robear de Bardoulf will prepare a hearty feast for Saturday
evening to follow the day's activities complete with draft root beer.  Root
beer will be available throughout the day.  No lunch will be served.  If
time permits, there will be dancing in the hall after feast.  Dietary
concerns should be addressed to Robear at (804) 745-3778, robear911@juno.com