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Fw: Heraldry Results from the April Laurel Sovereign of Arms Meeting

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings from Tirloch!

Herewith are the acceptances and returns of the Laurel Sovereign of Arms
from the April 1999 meeting:

Aeddan Ivor. Name and device. Gules, a sheaf of three arrows argent
vert marked sable, a chief embattled argent.
Aleksandr Belogorskov. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and gules, a
bear rampant Or.
Alison McLeod de Ainsley. Name and device. Per pale vert and purpure, two
arrows in saltire Or, overall a wolf's head cabossed argent.
Andrew Roriksson. Name and device. Sable, a bow nocked of an arrow Or. 
Dálkr Hálftroll Snjolfsson. Badge. (Fieldless) A stag's attires Or issuant
from a heart sable.
Denise Duvalier. Name.
Eilis Ballagh. Name.
Eoghan Óg Mac Labhrainn. Badge. (Fieldless) On a flame Or a bearded man's
head vert.
Gorm of Berra. Name and device. Azure, a dexter hand within an orle of
fetterlocks argent.
Julien de Montfort. Device change. Pean, a chief indented argent.
	His former device Pean, three wine amphorae and a chief urdy
argent., is hereby released.
Kyneburh Boithuile. Device change. Per bend argent and azure, a mullet of
eight points counterchanged, a bordure sable semy of quatrefoils argent.
	Her former device Gyronny argent and azure, 3 compass-stars
counterchanged., is hereby released.
Marinus, Barony of. Badge for Award of the Water Lily. Per pale vert and
azure, in cross four lotus blossoms affronty argent.
Medb ingen Brain. Name and device. Per chevron azure mullety Or and argent,
a decrescent argent and a tree couped vert.
Moira Glanny. Badge. Azure, a demi-hare erect argent issuant from a bowl
Øpi Váli. Device. Azure, a wheel, a bordure Or.
Rhiannon of Berra. Device. Azure, a bend sinister between a unicorn
reguardant contourny and another couchant reguardant argent.
Tonwen ferch Morien. Name.
Yarnvid, College of. Name change from College of Yarvid.

Elspeth MacLean. Name.
	This conflicts with the already registered Elspeth nic Léighinn.
Julien de Montfort. Badge. (Fieldless) A leonine sagittary passant argent.
	This conflicts with Sumer Redmaene Purpure, a centauress argent,
crined gules, hooved and nippled Or, with a wreath of nasturtiums proper in
her hair. There is one CD for fieldlessness, but nothing for the difference
between the two types of sagittaries, nothing for the gender difference,
nothing for the crining.
Marinus, Barony of. Badge for Award of the Sandpiper. Per pale vert and
azure, a mermaid and a merman playing flutes within a bordure argent.
	This submission has two problems: it has the appearance of being
impaled arms, prohibited by RfS XI.3., and it has two non-identical but
insignificantly different charges, running afoul of the "Sword and Dagger"
rule.  RfS XI.3.a. notes that a submission can avoid the appearance of
marshalling with "identical charges over the entire field."  While a
and a merman are very similar, they are not identical.  The bordure by
longstanding precedent is insufficient to remove this appearance.  At least
as long ago as 10/90 Laurel ruled "The appearance of marshalled arms here
overwhelming, even with the bordure as a cadency charge. The intent of the
'overall charge' requirement of XI.3.a is one of a charge lying in the
center of the field, not a peripheral charge such as a chief or bordure
(which were often used as cadency charges).

Séamus Ó Cuileáin. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross formy convex Or.
	His proposed device Vert, a cross formy convexed Or within a stag's
attires, a bordure raguly argent. was returned on the December 1998 LoAR
the undocumented form of his cross. At that time we said:
		The submitter has appealed the previous return of his
submission for using a non-period cross by providing a copy of a picture
from Foster's Dictionary of Heraldry which shows a similar cross. However,
he was only able to find the cross he wants in one place in Foster's, and
Foster's is a 19th century redraw of medieval armory. And, Foster was not
copying from medieval originals, but rather from 18th and 19th century
editions of Renaissance copies of the medieval originals. Brault's redraw
Aspologia III shows a standard cross. He also provided a copy of a period
woodcut, showing a cross similar, but not identical to what he is
submitting. Since the cross he is submitting is not the same as what is in
the period woodcut, it does not help his case. Since we have used this
woodcut for documentation in a different case to register the cross in the
woodcut as an unblazoned variant of formy, if he resubmits drawing the
to look like the one in the woodcut, barring any other problems, it should
be acceptable.
	Since this is the same cross that was returned previously, we see no
reason to overturn that ruling.

Teresa de León. Name.
	This conflicts with Teresa de Leon, one of the Queens of Spain and
therefore important enough to protect.

Uilliam MacCloskey. Device change. Ermine, a bear passant, on a chief sable
three roses argent barbed vert seeded Or.
	This is being returned for a redraw. The bear is not clearly a bear,
nor any other animal.


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