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Re: OP for Atlantia's Baronies

Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@dedaana.otd.com>

On Tue, 11 May 1999, James Morrow wrote:

> > << (Note, not listed are the Baronies of Myrkewood and Dinas Moryn,
> > but their legacy is the Kingdom around you today.) >>

> >My lord, Dinas Moryn was never a Barony; in fact, it was never even a 
> >Province.  Though it used the style City-State, and fielded one of the most 
> >formidable fighting bands in the history of its time, Dinas Moryn was in fact 
> >a unique Shire, consisting of the co-equal Cantons of Marinus and Tir-y-Don.
>   This sounds odd.   Is Myrkwood now called Bright Hills?

Actually, what was once the Barony of Mirkwood is now called Atlantia.
The final remenants of Murkwood was combnied with the Shire if Arendale
to form Lochmere.

Michael Limner, squire

Michael Surbrook - susano@otd.com - http://www.otd.com/~susano/index.html

  "...Nothing is a coincidence if it happens to bolster the conclusions we
 already seek.  This is how we professionals discover the messages hidden in
                  seemingly disparate objects or events."
                             James Finn Garner

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