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Re: Whatever happened to...

Poster: "Jason & Shannon Smith" <srgiles@erols.com>

Greetings All!

>>Whatever happened to the 'Helm of Ishmael' (I think thats what it was
>>- the 'Oh my god thats a big helm'....I remember it being passed on at one
>>the first BD meetings I attended, but haven't seen it at any events, and
as I
>>recall, it was supposed to be brought to all events at which there was a
>>major BD showing...

The Helm of Ish is still a part of BD History, albeit a rather obscure one
(and I'm not referring to Sir Otto!)  The helm was passed on through many
hands until it fell into the hands of Lord AEthelwulf (...I can't spell the
last name) who I believe passed it on to Lord Vladimr of Hertzgon.  It does
still exist, but unfortunately not too many remember the history...

Baroness Isabel, any comments?

Andrew Grey, the Keeper of Odd Black Diamond knowledge (tm)

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