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Re: Whatever happened to...

Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@his.com>

At 6:50 PM -0400 5/11/99, Susan and Frank Downs wrote:

>I remember that big old helm but wasn't aware that a tradition had grown up
>around it.  If I recall correctly, It wasn't really intended to be an
>especially huge helm; it was just a horrible sizing miscalculation.  These
>things happen, or at least they did in BD back then.  A lot of old BD
>traditions have fallen by the wayside, and I can't say that's an
>unadulterated Bad Thing.

One thing to remember was that Ish's helm was used by most of the new
fighters (there was little or no loaner armour in those days).  I remember
it was the only helm in the shire that fit my big head until we went on a
5-plate helm building spree.  Ish's helm had a really cool cranial ridge,
which I only later realized started out as a sugarloaf helm, but had been
beaten in on the sides to give it that spiff shape.  But then there was
Dirik's 16-ga flat top great helm, which was even bigger, and had that nice
flat top to go "whack" on.

Other fine traditions included increasingly convoluted designs for knee
protection, very LARGE round shields, and dog collars with a little foam
for gorgets. His Excellency is quite correct, some traditions are best
allowed to pass into the void.


who wuz there too.

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