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Re: Whatever happened to...

Poster: "Susan and Frank Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>

>Poster: BlakHart66@aol.com
>Whatever happened to the 'Helm of Ishmael' (I think thats what it was called) 
>- the 'Oh my god thats a big helm'....I remember it being passed on at one of 
>the first BD meetings I attended, but haven't seen it at any events, and as I 
>recall, it was supposed to be brought to all events at which there was a 
>major BD showing...


I remember that big old helm but wasn't aware that a tradition had grown up
around it.  If I recall correctly, It wasn't really intended to be an
especially huge helm; it was just a horrible sizing miscalculation.  These
things happen, or at least they did in BD back then.  A lot of old BD
traditions have fallen by the wayside, and I can't say that's an
unadulterated Bad Thing.

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