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From TRM Stephan and Niobe

Poster: Alan Gravesend <seneschal@atlantia.org>

Greetings to the populace of fair Atlantia from their Majesties Stephan
and Niobe

We choose these words with great care for you Our beloved populace.  So
many times We have shared Our thoughts and emotions with you with the
hope that these simple messages could convey the depth of love We feel
for this land and Her people.  We pray you heed these words with a
belief in Our love and care for each gentle whom they greet.

Earlier this spring we wrote of the call to arms from Our kingdom to
travel as an ally in war.  We spoke of hearing the call and responding
with assurety and purpose.  This context was within each of Our chosen
roles of personae. The pageantry of Our society was played out in full
as We marched away and again as We made a triumphant return.  When that
call came We chose to make the journey as a part of a living dream we
have created in this society.

We, Stephan, have received another call.  Where We once were given the
freedom to choose whether or not to follow, now there is no option.
Outside of Our society is another world where we each abide.  Stephan
has been commanded as a soldier to lend support in the conflict in
Europe by assuming the reponsibilities of an officer who has been sent
to combat.  Stephan will leave Atlantia on the 23rd day of May and will
return no later than six months time.  Should the crisis in Europe end
sooner than this, then so also shall your King return.

Should it be the will of Our populace it is Our desire that your Queen
Niobe shall continue to bear the crown during Stephan's absence as
Atlantia's esteemed Queen Consort. To this end, We have sought the
direction of our Society seneschal who in wise counsel expressed that of
greatest importance was the will of the people of Atlantia.  As we swore
in Our coronation oaths it has always been Our intent to be a reflection
of hopes and desires of Our populace.

We, Niobe, have upmost faith in the counsel of the Officers, Peers, and
Populace of Atlantia to continue to be a hallmark of grace and wisdom.
Over the months past, We have felt the support of Our kingdom as We have
served this realm.  With this foundation of loving support, Niobe shall
be able to joyfully continue as We have begun.

Atlantia, you are a noble people.  In both heart and mind We serve as
your King and Queen.  In both heart and mind We are your friend.  Until
We greet again, We say Adieu,

Stephan Rex     Niobe Regina


(Posted by the Kingdom Seneschal, as Her Majesty's AOL account is in
some difficulty posting to this list at the moment)

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