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Their Majesties' recent message

Poster: Alan Gravesend <seneschal@atlantia.org>

Greetings to the populace of Atlantia here present from your Kingdom
Seneschal, Alan Gravesend!

I have just posted an important message from Their Royal Majesties,
Stephan and Niobe.  Though I will not re-iterate its content here, the
essence is that His Majesty has been called to military service outside
the country.  It is not certain if he will be able to return to Atlantia
during the next six months.

In order to confirm the status of Their Majesties' reign in His
Majesty's geographical absence, I must make a formal request to the
Society Seneschal (which will, in turn, be ruled upon by the Board of
Directors).  In discussion with Mistress Eilis O'Boirne, Seneschal of
the Society, one key factor was raised:  will Atlantia support the
continuance of this reign.  I have no doubt that this is the case, but
my request will carry that much more weight if it is accompanied by a
show of support from the populace.

Therefore, I ask that all subjects of Atlantia who have an opinion on
this matter submit their comments in writing to me, via electronic mail
or postal, by Wednesday, May 19th.  This is a short time frame, but it
is important to get an answer to this question as quickly as possible.

In service,

Alan Gravesend
Seneschal for Atlantia

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