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Re: Their Majesties' recent message

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrelw@atlcom.net>

I am not of your kingdom but I do work mundanely in it.

I believe the queen should be permitted to rule in the king's
place for as long as she wishes.

Were I member of the populace I too would support her
staying on the throne.

The show of support that I have seen on the rose has been most
touching.  Support such as I have seen is an inspiration to all.

Kestrel of Wales, in the Kingdom of Meridies

Date sent:      	Fri, 14 May 1999 08:19:36 -0400
From:           	Alan Gravesend <seneschal@atlantia.org>

> Poster: Alan Gravesend <seneschal@atlantia.org>
> Greetings to the populace of Atlantia here present from your Kingdom
> Seneschal, Alan Gravesend!
> I have just posted an important message from Their Royal Majesties,
> Stephan and Niobe.  Though I will not re-iterate its content here, the
> essence is that His Majesty has been called to military service outside
> the country.  It is not certain if he will be able to return to Atlantia
> during the next six months.

Bryan S. McDaniel      SCA aka Kestrel of Wales
kestrelw@atlcom.net    kestrelw@csi.com

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