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Re: Garb Wars/War Practice

Poster: muselaw@tidalwave.net


I had the pleasure of attending Garb Wars for the day yesterday with my
friends from Storvik. We each thank their Excellencies and all the
gracious gentles attending for making us feel so welcome, for the
glorious feast and for the joyous dancing thereafter.

As I spent a goodly portion of my afternoon hunting and trapping the
perfect trim-beast I had been longing for at the trim merchant's table,
I was saddened to discover upon my return to Storvik that I had lost the
bag of beautiful trim I'd purchased (lots of black-and gold, some
blue/gold, some wide red/black and wide tapestry in the stag pattern,

I believe it could have fallen from my bundle after we left the feast
and dancing on the way from the feast hall down to the lower parking
field. We came to the lower parking area by leaving the road and passing
the lower pavilion and the nearby tent to walk on the grass to our
vehicle. I would be grateful if anyone happening upon this bag of trim
at the campground would contact me so that I may make arrangements to
pay for postage. Please pass this message on to those offline who may
plan to attend practice today, with my thanks.

In gratitude,
Yehudith bat Natan, called Giuditta
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