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Fwd: An update from Ealdormere

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com


I thought you would like to hear the "official" word from Ealdormere 
regarding this weekend's tragic accident.  This posting was originally made 
within Ealdormere at the request of HRM Queen Caitlin, and was forwarded 
directly to me yesterday evening.

Subj:   [DunCarraig] Fwd: An update from Ealdormere (was: Tragic News) 
Date:   Mon, 17 May 1999 11:07:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time 
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From: SCAVard@aol.com

This reflects the official word as we got it within the kingdom....  May you 
all know that our hearts are heavy, and our love for our land will keep our 
heads up....


Heitha wrote:

> People of Ealdormere,
> I have sad tidings to relay to you this day.  There is no easy way to relay
> the news I have, and many of you will have already heard some reports of
> this news.
> Ealdormere, Our King, Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, died in an auto crash this
> weekend.
> Her Majesty has asked that I post this very sad news to you, and let you
> know that as soon as arrangements have been made, a member of the family
> will post to let us all know where and when we can gather to honour Our 
> There were two others with His Majesty in the vehicle that crashed.
> Worgan, Bubba to some, is in the hospital, and is stable.  Details as to
> which hospital will be posted by a member of the family when they become
> available.
> Bernie of RamsHaven, known to some as Lauren der Welfengau, a dear friend of
> Worgan's, and of many of us, also died in the crash.  A family member will
> post details to her friends regarding where we can gather to honour her 
> Ealdormere, Our Queen needs our support.  She also needs some time with Her
> family, and is well surrounded by those close to Her.
> As further details become available postings will be made.  Feel free to
> contact me by e-mail, or Our Kingdom Seneschal by phone or by e-mail
> <baroness@pipcom.com>.
> Heitha RamsHavengothi

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