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Tragic News and travelling safely

Poster: Jjane0117@aol.com

Fellow Merry Rose patrons:
   I read with sorrow of the loss of Ealdoremere's King.  I also note, with a 
more resigned sadness, of the circumstances of his fate.  I have been to many 
events in a car packed to the gills with tent, armor, garb, and other people. 
 I know how easy it is to cram every square inch of a vehicle with SCA stuff, 
so that you can barely see the tops of the windows.  One thing I would ask 
you to make sure you DON'T cover up:

Your seat belts.

   They are terribly simple things to use, and there can be terrible 
consequences if they are not used. Convenience is not worth having to mourn 
the loss of another friend, as we already have so many times in the last few 
years.  Give yourself a chance-please wear your safety belt.

Elspeth of Caer Mear

(mka Jennifer Hostetler, EMT-Paramedic and Firefighter, who has seen far too 
many situations like this to keep quiet.)
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