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(OT)Re: No nerds here

Poster: "Boroghul Khara" <boroghul@bellatlantic.net>

Vard uge-ber:
> I realize this is off-topic and that I'll likely get flamed for starting this
> thread, but I want to proudly report that the nerd-quotient in Dun Carraig is
> apparently less than in other parts of the known world.
> As I was leaving the base this morning (NAS Patuxent River for those keeping
> score), I had to swing by the Lexington Park post office to drop off some
> mail.  Immediately adjacent to the post office is the ONLY movie theatre in
> St. Mary's County.  (Six screens).  At 10am this morning, there were exactly
> SIX people in line to see the 10:30 showing of [deleted], and none of them
> showed any signs of having camped out the night before.
> I suppose we've got better things to do in Southern Maryland than have a bad
> movie run our lives.  I take great comfort in that.
> // Vard //

I'm not trying to flame you, Vard, but perhaps I could provide an alternate
point of view.

Dressing up for a movie doesn't make one a nerd, a geek, or anything
different from the next person.  Would you call someone wearing an Oriole's
jersey to a game a nerd? Are they letting a team with a so-so winning record
run their lives?  No.  They're fans, expressing their appreciation for

Because you don't hold the movie as dearly as those fans who camped out and
wore costumes does not make you or them any better or worse, just different,
but that's one of the wonderful things about being us.

Besides...is camping out for tickets to a movie, play, book signing, etc.
any different from camping out for something like Pennsic Land Grab?

Boroghul Khara/Grey Randall
Student of Stooge-Fu: "The Ancient Art of Curley-Moe"
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