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Re: (OT)Re: No nerds here

Poster: Denise McMahon <baroness@stierbach.org>

> Vard uge-ber:
> > I realize this is off-topic and that I'll likely get flamed for starting this
> > thread, but I want to proudly report that the nerd-quotient in Dun Carraig is
> > apparently less than in other parts of the known world.

Vard, sweetie, you know we all love you, but- 

It's not about being a nerd. It's about being passionate about something
you love. 

My dear lord husband, Ivan, dressed in his black jeans and Steve
Jackson Games t-shirt and masquerading as a 30 something 
Network Security genius (ok, I'm biased) ran out of the house
at 11 pm last night saying, "What the hell! the worst that will
happen is that I'll be home in half an hour.." 

Yes, he got in to see the movie. Yes, he owns the Lego version of
several of the vehicles. He has *all* the trailers downloaded from the
website for this movie on his laptop. He is more of a fan than I am 
or will ever be- and yes- I saw all the movies the first time they came
out and it was all new and wondrous. 

It's a great big world filled with lots of things to be passionate about....
this can only be good news.  

Dust off  your sense of fun... please. 

Warm regards,

Rowan Berran
Baroness of the silliest Barony in Atlantia,
and proud of it! 

The Sanskrit word for "war" means "desire for more cows."
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