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Re: No nerds here

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 5/19/99 11:35:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, SCAVard@aol.com 

> ROTFL!  Wow, that sure was quick!  The Constitution has been invoked in the 
>  FIRST reply!  Har har!

Just curious, were you intentionally trying to get a rise out of people?  
Methinks you have succeeded.

>  Michael, if you choose to dance to a different drummer, that's cool.  
>  I've even been known to dance on occassion, but whether or not I comment 
>  about your drummer being off-beat, he is *still* off-beat, IMO.

Hee hee--ok, let's look at facts here.  You, and I, as well as most of the 
persons subscribed to this list, are in the SCA--which I have heard described 
many times as people who "dress up in funny clothes and beat each other with 
unfinished furniture".  And you say others' drums are off-beat?  <VBG>

>  And if you choose to be insulted, that's your perogative.  My skin is 
>  enough to not take insult at your comments, in fact, I've had a hearty 
>  chuckle because of them.  You comment about being intolerant towards 
>  intolerance is a classic! ROTFL!
>  Lighten up.  :)
>  To answer your question about Henry V...yes.  But as we are all in the SCA 
>  anyway, aren't most, if not all of us, a little geeky anyway?  I know I am.
>  // Vard //

And you somehow believe that geeks and nerds are not similar?  Sounds like 
there are plenty of nerds in Southern MD to me...including yourself!

Btw, I am not insulted, rather highly amused.  :D  Feel free to include me in 
the ranks of nerd-dom.

Thyradweeb (who will go see the movie when she doesnt have to wait so long in 
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