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Re: No nerds here

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

ROTFL!  Wow, that sure was quick!  The Constitution has been invoked in the 
FIRST reply!  Har har!

Michael, if you choose to dance to a different drummer, that's cool.  Heck, 
I've even been known to dance on occassion, but whether or not I comment 
about your drummer being off-beat, he is *still* off-beat, IMO.

And if you choose to be insulted, that's your perogative.  My skin is thick 
enough to not take insult at your comments, in fact, I've had a hearty 
chuckle because of them.  You comment about being intolerant towards 
intolerance is a classic! ROTFL!

Lighten up.  :)

To answer your question about Henry V...yes.  But as we are all in the SCA 
anyway, aren't most, if not all of us, a little geeky anyway?  I know I am.

// Vard //

---original message follows--- 
From: Michael Surbrook <susano@dedaana.otd.com> 
Subject: Re: No nerds here
On Wed, 19 May 1999 SCAVard@aol.com wrote:

> I realize this is off-topic and that I'll likely get flamed for starting 
> thread, but I want to proudly report that the nerd-quotient in Dun Carraig 
> apparently less than in other parts of the known world.

Why is it that anyone who goes to see this film today is a 'geek' or
'nerd'?  Back when Henry V opened, local SCA members attended in garb, did
that make them 'freaks' or 'nerds'?  Isn't the whole idea of the
Constitution the freedom of thought and expression.  If I choose to dance
to a different drummer, that's my business not yours.  Yes, you can
comment on it, but even this level of intolerance is getting to me, not to
mention the fact that everyone seems to find this to be a great excuse to
be insulting.

Oh, and yes, I'm going to see it today.  I got an offer of free tickets I
couldn't pass up.

> I suppose we've got better things to do in Southern Maryland than have a bad
> movie run our lives.  I take great comfort in that.

Who says it's going to be a bad movie?

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