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SW geek/nerd/freak scale

Poster: "David Ritterskamp" <jonnyb70@hotmail.com>

Starting with the lowest and working up:

If you know of the existence of the Star Wars saga but it doesn't affect 
your everyday life, you're Mainstream American.

If you know about SW and you follow it in the news, you're an Interested 

(IYKASW) & you're going to see it within a week or two of its opening, 
you're an Average Enthusiast.

...& you got tickets to see it on opening day, you're an Above-Average 

... & you got tickets to see it at 12:00:00:01 AM of opening day, you're a 

...& you stood in that 12:00:00:01 line for more than one hour, you're a 
Dedicated Fan.

...& you stood in that line for more than two hours in costume, you're a 
Fanatic. (note differential between the words "fan" and "fanatic".)

If you saw the following commercial with the two nerds:

one looking at a watch, the conversation "NOW???" "Not yet."  "NOW???"  "Not 
yet."  "NOW??"  "NOW." , a page being torn off a calendar reading "DAYS 
UNTIL STAR WARS PREMIERE", and the conversation "has your mom finished our 
Jedi Knight robes yet?" "No...the fabric's still on back order."

And didn't laugh,  you're a Geek / Nerd.

But if you're reading this, you're on an SCA mailing list, and you're not 
"the norm" anyway, almost certainly not even vaguely NEAR the norm, so laugh 
quietly to yourself while you realize that the geekish infatuation with SW 
isn't any different than shopping for cloth or assuming an alternate 
persona.  Just more visible and slightly less "odd" than SCA, at least as 
far as Mainstream America is concerned.  After all, the SCA has maybe 
100,000 or more enthusiasts worldwide.  It was estimated that Two MILLION 
people played hooky from work/school/whatever today to go see the premiere 
in the US alone.


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow

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