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Re: SW geek/nerd/freak scale

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> But if you're reading this, you're on an SCA mailing list, and you're
> "the norm" anyway, almost certainly not even vaguely NEAR the norm,
>so laugh
> quietly to yourself while you realize that the geekish infatuation
>with SW
> isn't any different than shopping for cloth or assuming an alternate
> persona.

Actually (and we're drifting far from the original topic here), I would
argue against that comparison.  IMHO, I would say that your average
SCAdian is more comparable to a convention-going fan, as opposed to the
more rabid fan who would stand in line at a public theatre in a Star
Wars (or Star trek, or whatever) costume.  The distinction, I think, is
that your average SCAdian limits the outward tangible presentation of
their hobby to venues specifically set up to cater to that hobby.  A
sci-fi convention is specifically designed to cater to the scifi
fanatic's hobby, but a movie theatre isn't.

Of course, somebody already mentioned about a number of SCAdians seeing
a movie in garb, so I'd put them in the same category as the scifi
fanatic that went to see SW in costume.  Not that that's necessarily
bad, mind you, but just I think that there is a difference between that
level of a particularly 'hobby' and what is the average level of that

SW "Average Enthusiast" according to the earlier scale presented

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