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was: Ahem: To SPAM or not to SPAM?

Poster: "shoiel ben Yisrael of Poznan'" <shoiel@hotmail.com>

Wolf, (and others not too tired of this subject)

  Wolf: Don't let the world get to you.  You are doing a service by puting 
on KWAR.  Thank you.

When I ran the Known World Dance Symposiym a couple of years ago, I was very 
new to the E-mail thing and believe me, I SPAMed!  The worst incedint was 
when I sent out the T-shirt design in bit map form. (OOPS!)  I got irate 
mail back, and I got slapprd on the wrist, and some even taught me what I 
did wrong in a kind way.

Now, consider this:  How many people get your mall mailing.  How many people 
complain.  Divide the second into the first.  This is probably a rather low, 
miniscule more than likely.  Now factor that by the percentage of the 
populace that likes to complain abour something/anything and the complaints 
you are receiving probably fall into the noise.

One more thing.  Don't blow off complaints.  Send a nice e-mail back 
privately and make amens.  Just remember, it will all be over soon.



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