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"THE" Nerd Speaks

Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

OK while the topic does effedt and affect us all somewhat, This NERD
discussion is definately off-topic. Henceforth, all nerd post should be
sent to the ultimate authority; ME.
	I am the ultimate Nerd Maximus: Eagle scout, All-american chess team,
Mensa (since 16), computer analyst, knows more computer languages than
human ones, used Middle English to confuse mundanes before I had ever
heard of the SCA, was at Pennsic 5, was a national top 10 RPGA player
for 3 years, playtested D&D and AD&D (and know the difference), have
been on the Con-committee for several and founded one SF con. I watch
Xena religeously, but the most moving moments are rarely philosophical.
I still think Gabrielle is much cuter than the star. Either tape or
watch Buff weekly, but thats only to watch Willow. I own a copy of
Knight Rider, Scooby-doo's hotest charachter was definately Velma ( ooo
those knee socks), etc.
	I as the ultimate Nerd disallow this conversation ( delusions of
Granduer) because your starting to rationalize us as normal, as if we
are from your puny planet.
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