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FWD: EK: HRH Osis' Funeral

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angelanc@lucent.com>

Forwarded from SCA-East...
> -Poster: Liz Clark <freya@total.net>

> Date: Thu, 20 May 99 19:03:33 PDT

> I send this on as requested.  Remember, friends, drive safe, hug often, and
> tell them you love them and care.  Now.

>Hugs and skritches
>       Please send this to those who will miss him and those who 
>wish they could have been there.
>       Today, Thursday May 20th, 1999, Craig Cox was laid to rest. 
> Most of us know him as Sir Thorbjorn Osis, King of Ealdormere.  The 
>funeral was held at Marshall Funeral Home at 3:00 p.m., and the 
>mourners poured out of the chapel and into the sitting room.  A rough 
>estimate of attendance would be easily three hundred people.  
>       The religious part of the service was conducted by Rev. Bill 
>Wells, who went to University with Rev. Cox (Craig's father) and, as he 
>put it, "knew Craig from the day he was born, or shortly thereafter".  
>The eulogy was delivered by Viscount Berus.  He began by saying that 
> Craig always described himself as "ten foot tall and bullet proof", and 
>went on to make those of us in attendance laugh or weep at assorted 
>memories of the man and the legend.   Caitlin, Queen of Ealdormere 
>(Nancy) read Dylan Thomas' "Death Shall Have No Dominion".
>       Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society in Craig's memory 
>have been requested.
>       When a loss like this happens, and thankfully not that often, 
>it is easy to remember the good times, and the not-so-good times.  But 
>often, the entirety of the loss does not hit until we go to the next event 
>and notice the Osis-shaped hole that seems to suddenly be there.  He 
>will be missed.
>       Safrida

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