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(Fwd) [Mid] Fw: Osis' Trust Fund Information

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrelw@atlcom.net>

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Subject:        	[Mid] Fw: Osis' Trust Fund Information
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Not sure whether this has made it to all of these lists yet (just got back
from Canada), but I suppose it wouldn't be too bad to repeat it...



>Good gentles, I send you greetings from Ealdormere at this sad time,
>I have been given, along with Osis' sister-in-law Anne, the honour of
>organizing the trust fund that has been set up in order to aid his
>family in the expenses related to this tragedy.  This trust fund is
>being set up according to the wishes of his family, and is intended to
>be used to help both his parents and his Queen, Caitlin.
>The pertinent information follows.  The fund is a required two
>signature, NON SCA account.  Please feel free to forward this
>information to anyone who wants or needs it, including publication in
>SCA newsletters.
>Cheques and money orders should be made out to:
>In memory of Craig Cox
>Funds should be mailed to:
>Lisa Czudnochowsky
>422 Silken Laumann Drive
>Newmarket, Ontario
>L3X 2J1
>The account information, for those who would prefer bank deposits or
>wire transfers, will be forthcoming during the early part of next
>Thank you.
>In Service,
>Viscountess Marion FitzWilliam of Ealdormere

From:  "Susan Carroll-Clark" <nicolaa@earthlink.net>
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