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(Fwd) [Mid] Some news and thoughts

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrelw@atlcom.net>

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I've just returned from Ealdormere.

I unfortunately did not get a chance to attend either Bernie's or Os'
funeral or visitation (got there too late on Wednesday, had several
appointments to make on Thursday), but I did make it out to part of an
informal wake held on Sunday at the site of an event which was originally
scheduled that weekend, but cancelled because of the tragedy.  Spent several
hours walking in the woods, talking with friends, and just being there.
Master Hector has already updated the Line of the North (Ealdormere's royal
geneology, all the way back to Richard I of the West) to reflect what

A couple of pieces of news:
First, it was announced at the wake that Her Majesty Caitlin plans to resume
the reign next weekend, at the Lady Mary Memorial Tourney.  This is one of
Ealdormere's oldest events and features a tourney that has been won in past
years by such folks as Duke Palymark, Count Tarquin, Duke Eliahu--and Osis

I've forwarded the info on the trust funds in another post.

A proposal has been made that Ealdormere name our Grant-level martial (none
of our awards have names yet) award after Osis.  The proposed name is the
Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer.  This is all very unofficial at the moment, but
Sir Menken posted it, mentioning that the Queen supports it.  For those of
you who are unaware of the significance, Os always wore a silver Thor's
hammer that Caitlin made for him.  He also had made hundreds of them to give
to fighters at Pennsic XXIV, with the stipulation that they pass them on to
someone who inspired them..  There's also some consideration for naming one
of the service awards after Lady Lauren (Bernie.)

Finally, in unrelated news, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation
on Friday.  I have some final revisions to make, and won't get the piece of
paper until November, but I'm DONE!

Nicolaa de Bracton

From:  "Susan Carroll-Clark" <nicolaa@earthlink.net>
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