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Laurel's returns for May

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Here is the information forwarded me regarding items Laurel returned at her
May meeting.  


Tridroichead, Canton of. Name and device. Azure, a triquetra within and
fretted with another, on a chief wavy
Or, three laurel wreaths vert.
     According to the LoI:
          "The name is intended to be Gaelic for "three bridges." [Room
Irish] notes -drohid as
          a common second element in modern Irish place names, from
droichead "bridge"
          (p.133), and tri- "three" as in Trileac (p.122). Submitted as
Thriur Droicead, we have
          changed the name according to e-mail correspondence from Harpy
(docs to Laurel) as
          allowed by the group."
     This violates the Administrative Handbook by not giving a summary of
the documentation.
     However, if the e-mail from Harpy had 100% supported the form
submitted we would have
     been loath to punish the group for the failure of the submissions
herald and would probably
     have registered the name. However, Harpy's e-mail express doubt that
this is the correct form.
     Therefore, we are returning this for lack of documentation.
     Since the name is being returned we are returning the armory as well,
since we do not create
     holding names for groups. We are declining to rule on the suitability
of the triquetra within and
     fretted to another at this time.

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