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Re: fighting from Lionheart Sword

Poster: "Courtney Hester" <ariellegolden@hotmail.com>


I believe that I can possibly shed a little light on the information that you received.

I am aware that my lord, Duke Logan, responded to your initial post to the Atlantia list about being from the Charlotte area and being interested in fighting. When you indicated that you were actually from another area that, while close to Charlotte, is technically part of another group, he forwarded your contact information on to them, while also inviting you to the practices in Charlotte.

Unfortunately, what you would be unaware of as a newcomer to the SCA, is that certain individuals in that area have "political" issues with us and have for almost as long as I have participated in the SCA (over 7 years). You are not the first newcomer to have been told to stay away from the Charlotte fighter practices, or even worse that we are "bad people", from particular people in that group.

Logan knew that this has been going on for years and in good faith he forwarded your information, hoping that maybe things had changed.

I can only offer my sincerest apologies that you were exposed to such
inappropriate and unpleasant behavior as a newcomer and assure you that everyone in the SCA does not speak poorly about each other.

You will find some of the most wonderful people in the SCA. They will be from all walks of life and with many different ideas on how to play our game. You will find yourself limited only by your own interests and desires.

I will also recommend that you come out to a fighter practice in Charlotte and judge for yourself. You saw many of the gentles that participate in the weekly fighter practices here fight at Feast of the Thirty. If you are not sure that you want to fight, then just watch. You can make the best judgement yourself.

In Service to Atlantia and the Dream,


Lionheart Sword wrote:

  Poster: "Lionheart Sword" <mysca@hotmail.com>

  Not only am I new to the sca but I am also confused.  I asked about heavy
  fighting after I went to the event at Kings Mountain and mentioned that I
  lived near Charlotte NC.  I got many helpful responses from many people.  I
  was also 'warned' about going to any Charlotte meetings about fighting.  I
  was not given any real details though.  Is there some danger that I need to
  be aware of in Charlotte with fighting in the sca.  The fighting I saw at
  Kings Mountain looked pretty safe to me.



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