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Royal Scrivener - July letter

Poster: MCAMEROUN@aol.com

Unto the populace of Atlantia, warmest greetings from Baroness Margaret 
Cameron, Scrivener Royal.

As I assume the responsibilities of Scrivener Royal, I am pleased to have 
this opportunity to serve Atlantia and her noble sovereigns. My heart 
overflows with thanks to those who deemed me worthy of this honor, and it is 
my fervent hope that I will be able to fulfill my duties to the best of my 
ability.  Nevertheless, I can not accomplish this task alone.  I need the 
help of the scribes of Atlantia, no matter the level of their experience, for 
a specific task that has been set before me: the creation and painting of 
promissories.   Although I am sure that this concept is familiar to many, 
please bear with me, while I briefly explain this process to those who may be 
new to the scribal arts.

Many times our gracious King and Queen are desirous to recognize the merits 
of the populace before a scroll can be done.  Often, an award of arms is 
bestowed before an individual has obtained registered arms.  In such cases as 
these, a promissory is often given to the recipient.  Ideally, these 
promissories are painted prior to being filled out with the recipientís name 
and the date that the award is given.  And this is where Atlantiaís scribes 
can help.

I would like to increase the Kingdomís store of painted promissories, 
especially those for an award of arms. The process is easy, which makes 
working on promissories an ideal first step for inexperienced scribes to 
learn how to handle paints. Rather than taking up too much space in this 
missive, I will be posting more information to the Merry Rose and 
(eventually) to the Scrivener Royal website.  Meanwhile, those who are 
interested in working with me on this project are encouraged to contact me. 
Please remember that you do not need to be an experienced scribe to help, and 
your efforts will go a long way towards making their day in court memorable 
for your fellow Atlantians.

Another element of my responsibilities as Scrivener Royal is to encourage the 
scribal arts in Atlantia.  To that purpose, I urge all established baronial 
Scriptoriums to contact me.  It is my intention to visit each and every one 
of you over the next year. Let me know what you are doing!  In addition, if 
you are interested in forming a scriptorium in your area, please let me know 
--- I would be most happy to help you in any way that I can.   Meanwhile, I 

In service to Atlantia and Courtesy,

Baroness Margaret Cameron
Scrivener Royal
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