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Re: fighting

Poster: PAEmrys@aol.com

     Fear not M'Lord.  I do not know who 'warned' you about Charlotte fighter 
practices but I am here to tell you that there are no worries about safety or 
consideration when attending these practices.  In fact the practice last 
night was one of the best I've been to in a long while and I've been fighting 
for over 7 years!  As a female fighter who has more years(and miles) than I 
care to admit safety is a major concern of mine.  I drive 3 hours each way to 
attend these practices as my local practice is unsatisfactory.  I have never 
had an injury, even to my considerable pride!  I do not know who has done you 
the dis-service of causing this confusion for you but I will say that the 
majority of us in the SCA are good people and will take good care of you.  
Come to practice next Wednessday and judge for yourself. 
      After you've gotten to know some more people and start to participate 
more you will no longer be confused and can begin to enjoy the fighting 
experience like the rest of us "stick jocks".  Perhaps the person that 
confused you is a non-fighter that doesn't understand the extraordinary  
measures that we take to be safe while having a grand time beating on our 
     If I can be of assistance to you, on or off the feild, you have but to 

     In Service,
 Baroness Prydain
   (stick jock and loving it)
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