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Many thanks for Emerald Weekend

Poster: The pesky one over there <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose do Gorm and Rhiannon of Berra send

We just wanted to say thank you to a LARGE number of folks for a
wonderful time at Emerald Joust this past weekend.

First, to the Autocrat, Terafon Graydragon and his Lady, Dubesa.  For
overcoming amazingly large numbers of roadblocks and difficulties to
enable the event to come off successfully.

Secondly, to Her Majesty, Queen Niobe, who's shining example of grace
and elegance under much strain has made the two of us realize for the
first time just how wonderful the dream can be, when one has the courage
and grace to dream it.

Thirdly, to Robear and the rest of the Kitchen Crew, who were
responsible for a feast that was every bit as good as the compliments it

Fourthly, to the fighter with the unremembered name (Gorm's humblest
apologies), who took the time to come over to him a couple of minutes
after their bout in the first round of the Tournament and congratulate
him on an excellent fight in a losing cause, with advice on getting
better in the future.  Your kind words helped to reignite a desire that
had been smoldering out.

Fifthly, to the stoutly armed and forcefully graceful gentles who
provided water for a Court Herald who was struggling far, far too much
with the heat, as well as the rest of the populace during a hot and
sweaty court.

Sixthly, to Duke Cuan and Lord Ragnar, for reminding us that Chivalry is
what is important, and that, even when you fall off the path briefly, it
is possible to right oneself and make the wrongs right.

And finally, to those gentles who's face we never really saw in the
darkness, who came over from a Queen's guard meeting and the surrounding
campsite, to basically lift our vehicle over a root that was threatening
to snag our undercarriage and rip our vehicle to pieces....a hearty
thanks.  We would like to thank you all personally, but we don't know
your names...you know who you are, and you have our thanks.


Gorm and Rhiannon of Berra

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