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Emerald Joust and Pet Vermin

Poster: "Susan  and Frank  Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>

    Good gentles of the Merry Rose, I bear a warning. My lord and I attended
Emerald Joust this weekend, and returned home full of merriment and joy.
Alas, my lord was also bearing small, unwelcome guests. 
    We have removed two very tiny deer ticks from his person-the kind that
carry Lyme disease. They are somewhat smaller than the head of a pin, and
extremely difficult to detect. We found his after doing our usual tick check
of one another; they were so small that I didn't notice them. Please check
yourselves most diligently, especially those regions which are, ah,

I wish you all continued fine health and happiness.
Baroness Caitlin ni h'Arrachtain
(Susie Downs  sfdowns@pinn.net)
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