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Atlantian archery in East Kingdom

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

Greetings to the populace of the Merry Rose from Lady Kofryna the Goatherd,
Seneschal of the Incipient Barony of Highland Foorde,

I am very pleased to announce that during this past weekend, Lord Lorenzo
il Confuso received a Grand Master Bowman award in East Kingdom Royal Court
at the King and Queen's Archery Championship in Waterford, CT in the Canton
of Dragon's Aire.  This is the first time a non-East Kingdom gentle has
received this rank for archery, which is earned by having an average royal
round score (of the top 3 scores) of 100 points (or more).  Lord Lorenzo
earned this ranking through his attendance at several events in East
Kingdom. Our fair Kingdom of Atlantia was mentioned numerous times at Royal
Court, as well as our growing prowess in archery. In an emotional moment
during the ceremony, Master Krakken Gnashbone passed to Lorenzo his own
Grand Master Bowman badge. Lord Lorenzo was also awarded a stunning scroll
made by Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood. Lord Lorenzo was also selected for
the East Kingdom Archery Champions team at this coming Pennsic.

Atlantia was well represented at the East King and Queen Archery
Championship. In addition to Lord Lorenzo and myself, Lord Gregge the
Archer, Lady Gwenhwyvar Ywein, Sir Mika Longbow and his Lady, and Theodore
Billingsley took part in what is now the biggest archery tournament in the
Knowne World. At this last one, 93 archers took the field in the morning!
Lord Lorenzo, Sir Mika, Gregge the Archer and Theodore Billingsley made it
to the second round, and Lord Lorenzo made it into the final round of 16.
The final round was head-to-head single elimination competition, and Lord
Lorenzo was narrowly defeated in the quarter finals. Although Lord Gregge
the Archer did not make it into the final round, his excellent performance
was also especially noted by the top East Kingdom archers. Overall, it was
a great day for Atlantian archery, and showed that Atlantian target archery
is a growing force in the Knowne World.

In service,


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