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There's a New Magazine for Reenactors.

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

First off, I am not affiliated in any way with this magazine.

However, this week I got a preview magazine from England that
most of you haven't seen. It's about various reenactor groups
(in Europe) and what they are up to. The time range
covers Roman to WWII and at least the first issue (current)
is very heavy on the medieval era and its reenactor groups.
The thing is full of one to three page color articles on them.

It's called Revival and is similar is size to a Tournaments
Illuminated but with slick finish and photographs.

The one dopey thing I noticed about it is that it lacks websites
for most of the groups and merchants, even though I know that
a lot of those groups and merchants have them. Apparently 
they haven't realized that this thing will have an international
market. It does however list a number of email addresses in 
relation to some of them. A lot of the addresses seem to ignore
the electronic age, and it seems like a magazine of ten years
ago because of it. 

It's a quarterly, and for the subscription price of twelve pounds
it's not bad at all. Twelve pounds is roughly 12 X $1.68 US.
Which is about $20.16, or about $5 per magazine, which is cheap
for imports. Most of the British magazines I get are about 50%
more per issue.

Having gotten Living History, Rennaisance Times, etc. I
have something to compare it to and it's not bad at all.
I think the only two I haven't gotten are Viking Times (which
doesn't answer email) and Medieval Life. It's very cheap compared
to Military History Illustrated (at least quadruple the price).
It's an interesting read, especially considering we get to compare
our progress to those of other groups. 

The open issue covers Brittania - The Arthurian Society, and it's
participation in a Dark Age Major Movie being filmed now called
Gladiator starring Oliver Reed, Derek Jacobi, Richard Harris
and David Hemmings by the same guy who did the Duellists and 
Bladerunner. It's set in 180 AD and concerns Marcus Aurelius and
his campaigns on the Rhine and Danube. 

Other relevant groups covered are The Vikings - Norse Film and 
Pageant Society, Crucesignati - Knights of Jerusalem, North Devon
Jousting Association, Chapter of St. Bartholomew, The Troop of Shew, 
New France and Old England, 42nd Highlanders, Historical Maritime
Society, the English American Civil War Society, 17th Lancers Display
Team, The DieHard Company, and some WWII groups. 

One particularly nice article covered Bjarni's Boots, the leatherworkers 
shop affiliated with the Royal Armouries at Leeds and shows early 
pierced poulaines on lasts and some Tudor period Bear Paw Shoes in 
closeups, as well as a 15th century war saddle, boots, and costrel. 
Bjarni and his group make shoes and other leather items of all sorts 
for museums, and reenactment groups. A sleeveless buffcoat is also 

In the back of the magazine is the usual plethora of ads for various
reenactment groups and merchants.

This can be easily had through MelanieWilson@compuserve.com
who is set up for both Visa and Mastercard over the web. 
or Melanie Wilson, Ten Steps, Church Street, Seagrave, LE12 7LT, UK
+44 1509 812806. I've done a bit of booktrading and business with
Melanie and have found her quite reliable. She also does reenactor
booksearches and is a member of Circa 1265 and an Anglo-Saxon group.
She doesn't own the magazine, but is helping promote it. Mundanely
she is a dye specialist also and she participates on various SCA
forums like SCA Arts and Medieval Leather.

Master Magnus Malleus, OL,  Atlantia, Great Dark Horde.
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